Pop Parnass - Manfred Schmitz

Pop Parnass

Manfred Schmitz (1939-2014), pianist, composer and arranger, belonged to the most important representatives of the popular music of his time. He was an extraordinarily prolific teacher and author of didactic music literature.

As a lecturer at the Academy of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar he composed the JAZZ PARNASS – now a standard training program that every pianist in German-speaking countries knows about. His extensive experience gathered in class with his students of all ages is reflected in a number of textbooks for piano and ensemble. Many of his teaching and text books have been published by AMA Verlag – like “Youth album for piano”, “A small jazz music” and more. A central concern of his didactic work has always been the combination of solid craftsmanship and mediating stylistic elements of Jazz, Blues and Pop music in a way which is always linked to all stages of learning and includes a lot of fun.

This concern led Manfred Schmitz in its style guide for popular music, the POP PARNASS. The book presented here is divided into 10 levels of difficulty and includes more than 180 pieces. Manfred Schmitz found inspirations for his compositions through pop romance, jazz ragtime, boogie woogie, blues, tango and rock. All styles are available with 3-4 pieces in the respective levels of difficulty, so that the player does not have to work chronologically through the book, but the pieces can be chosen according to his preferences and his technical knowledge. As was the “Youth album for piano” is this collection a long-term companion for every piano player or a popular complement to the “classical” repertoire for teaching or every solo piano concert. For any kinds of preludes, Manfred Schmitz recommends compiling the short pieces to 3-, 4-, or 5-movement suites to vary different styles and have that very special playing and listening experience.

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