Rock- und Blues-Licks für alle (Lebens-) Lagen - Jürgen Kumlehn

Jürgen Kumlehn works as a live and studio guitarist (having made tours with German and international artists such as Eartha Kitt, Roland Kaiser, Howard Carpendale, Georg Danzer, Drafi Deutscher, Dieter Bohlen, Annett Lousian, Vicky Leandros) and graduated from the University of Music in Hamburg where he studied popular music. Many of his books published by AMA Publishing House, e.g. ‘Das neue Guitarrenbuch’ or ‘Das neue E-Gitarrenbuch’, have become standard works for modern guitar lessons.

His new book, ‘Rock & Blues Licks für alle (Lebens-) Lagen’ is a detailed work book dedicated to the major and minor pentatonic scales and blues scales. Because these scales are particularly important for music styles like rock, blues, jazz and many other popular genres, the guitarist will aquire a solid basic repertoire which they can always refer back to, use to improvise when accompanying others and better decipher the accompaniment techniques of other guitarists.

In this book, 90 exercises are presented and can be worked on by pupils which begin in different positions over the 12 frets of the guitar. This means that, at the end, the player feels comfortable playing on the whole neck of the guitar. The author concentrates on the six most important positions (0, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 12th) in the exercises (5 licks per position and scale). Before getting down to business, the author gives tips about position changes, fingering and transposing. In addition, the fingering patterns of all the important chords in the six positions of the three keys are explained and can be used anytime as a reference guide. The chapter about transposition teaches the player about intervals in a chord, which always have the same spacing because of the frets, and can therefore be carried identically into different positions. The exceptions are noted in a separate booklet, so that the player is aware of them from the beginning.

The exercise sequences are recorded on the CD at different tempos and with additional drum and bass accompaniment. The play-along tracks are an additional highlight and are recorded in a binary and ternary playing technique. This is because the perception and playing technique of quavers played as triplets is the predominant way of playing in blues, jazz and rock. Therefore, the CD is also a collection of authentic licks for all situations and positions, which the guitarist can refer back to at any time.

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