Next Level - Ingo Brzoska

Next Level

After his studies in ‘General Musical Education’ and ‘Instrumental Teaching – Guitar’ and having taken countless master classes (with Karl Scheit, Alexandre Lagoya and Hubert Käppel), Ingo Brzoska now teaches early instrumental guitar lessons (from 6 years old) and has written the ‘AMA Gitarrenschule für Kinder’, a course aimed at children between 6 and 10 years old.

The author’s new book, ‘Next Level’, is a compilation of many pieces intended to accompany the pupil from the lower to the intermediate grades. At the same time, this book can be used as additional material for ‘AMA Gitarrenschule für Kinder’, ‘An die Saiten – fertig – los!’ and also ‘Käppels Gitarrenschule’ and Jens Kienbaum’s ‘Adventures in Guitar’.

Knowledge about the notes in the first position, the note values from quaver to minim and the basic playing techniques (thumb stroke, alternate picking, tirando, apoyando) are required. Over the course of this book, new techniques will be covered such as slurs, chord strokes, picking techniques and position changing exercises.

Because all of the pieces can be performed in various ways, whether as a solo piece or in a group of two to four players, this course is not only applicable for group lessons, but also for private ones. Tips about the technical sequences invite the pupils to experiment and allow the teacher to have the ensemble pieces played in different musical sequences, for example, when parts are swapped within the group during repeated passages, or changing solo passages for ensemble ones.

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