Morscheck & Burgmann meet O‘Carolan -

“O’Carolan’s melodies are so beautiful that they really can’t be from this world”.

This statement about the Irish harpist and composer Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) moved the guitar duo Morscheck and Burgmann to bring out a new playing book for two guitars after "Duets for the Young (At Heart)" (AMA Nr. 610459).

Because there are no accompanying parts in the almost 200 melodies from O’Carolan, Morscheck & Burgmann chose 20 of the most beautiful melodies, edited these for the guitar and added an accompaniment. O’Carolan’s compositions were influenced by traditional Irish music and European baroque court music. Morscheck und Burgmann’s accompaniment lines always underline the beauty of the melodies in a very particular way.

All of the pieces are recorded onto the CD and reflect the uniqueness of Irish folk music. As a bonus, 4 pieces from the previous four books have been selected too.

This book is a homage to the great national composer of Ireland and leads the player and the listener into another world.

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