Boogie - Blues - Swing

Boogie - Blues - Swing
  • language: German/English
  • for Piano

by Martin Keeser

33 Easy Pieces for Piano

+ incl. CD

A welcome addition to the repertoire for classical piano instruction! Beginning with very simple blues pieces for the first months at the piano, this edition then ranges from somewhat more challenging recital pieces up to more demanding swing and boogie-woogie numbers.


Samples ...

Sound Clip 1 (Stomp)

Sound Clip 2 (Superfast Eddie)

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In this exercise book, the budding piano player is introduced to the rhythmical and technical peculiarities of playing in a swing style in an instructive and gently developing fashion. No difference is made nor lines drawn between boogie-woogie, blues and swing. The focus is on standard accompanying patterns for the left hand which are presented in exercises of increasing levels of difficulty. The first small melodic variations and hints at "soloing" should give the student a small taste of the wide world of improvisation and possibly provide some stimulation for experiments on his or her own.
This exercise book functions as an enrichment of the first years of piano lessons, supplementing classical method books with issues of technique, style and sound which foster enjoyment while making music and improve technical abilities as well. One or two of the more challenging pieces could also perfectly fit into the concert repertoire of a boogie-woogie, blues or swing soloist. The pieces originated through close contact with many piano students. The selection and shaping of the 33 pieces was considerably influenced by their criticisms, suggestions for imrpovement, their overall approval and the enjoyment they experience playing the piano.
The accompanying CD helps you to get to know the pieces and offers a result to compare to your practiced version - it's especially good for learning "swing" phrasing. Special attention was paid to providing clear and easily understandable notation.
To write easy, good-sounding yet not too simple piano music for beginners is still one of the greatest challenges for a composer. I hope I have succeeded and wish all piano students lots of fun and success with this method book.


Comments on the pieces
1. Beginner's Song
2. Divisions On A Ground
3. Wild Horses
4. Fingersnap
5. Boogie Two
6. Sorrow
7. Easy Goin'
8. Boogie
9. Steady
10. Blues It
11. Take A Walk
12. Voicings Left
13. Traffic
14. Light As A Breeze
15. First Loss
16. Stomp
17. First Change
18. Blue
19. Lamento In Swing
20. Bells
21. Walk Alone
22. Superfast Eddie
23. Blues in Thirds
24. Walk The Bass
25. Strollin'
26. Cleveland
27. Boogie In Sixths
28. Wake Up Call
29. You Gotta Groove
30. Boogie-Rondo
31. Blues in D
32. Rockin' Chair
33. Final Groove

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