Pocket Rhythms for Drums

Pocket Rhythms for Drums
  • language: German/English
  • for Drums

by Dirk Brand

Millions of opportunities to practice both binary and tertiary grooves ...

Book , 86 Pages
+ incl. CD

Millions of opportunities to practice both binary and tertiary grooves, which fits in every pocket, with a play along CD on which individual rhythms are recorded in order to practice them. Many written-out drum fills make it easier to prepare the accented figures.




Sound Clip 1 (Funk 108 bpm)

Sound Clip 2 (Pop 120 bpm)

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As a drummer and drum teacher, I am always on the lookout for new ways to combine different grooves from various styles and integrate them into my daily practice routine. I have often stood before the problem of finding a method book that could always offer students new and fresh grooves at their own ndividual level. These grooves should be presented in a progressive fashion so that they build upon each other, for example the hi-hat figure should change while the bass and snare drum remain the same so that, in time, the grooves can gradually more complex. My godson Jonas introduced me to a children's book in which you could form animals in new ways by giving them a new head or stomach and so create new mythical creatures. This gave me the idea for a book that both beginning and professional drummers will have fun using! Many rhythms from "Pocket Rhythms" will help you to expand your groove vocabulary many times over. Other rhythms will pose achallenge to your own limb independence and coordination and provide thorough training in this respect (groove workout)!
The accompanying CD of percussion and bass grooves will make practicing that much more fun and help you to train your timing and drumming in a musical context! Ideal for practicing all styles such as hip-hop, rock, latin, funk, pop, drum 'n' bass or nu-metal!

Important: notated music or grooves cannot reproduce the feel or sound of a musical style! Listen very closely to the masters of the different musical genres and try recreate this feel and sound in your own grooves!

Have fun experimenting!!!

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