10 RAPsodies in Concert

10 RAPsodies in Concert
  • language: German/English
  • for Violin and Piano

by Manfred Schmitz

10 appealing concert pieces ...

Book and Solo Part
+ incl. CD

10 appealing concert pieces for violin, viola, cello or flute and piano in the style of ”RAPsody” from ”Pop Music for Violin & Piano”. The accompanying CD provides the piano accompaniment in two different tempos: a comfortable one for practicing and a brighter one for performance.


Samples Violin ...

Samples Piano ...

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“When can we finally play the "RAPsody"? This is basically what the impatient violin pupils say who haven't yet mastered the performing tricks necessary in order to play "RAPsody", from "POP MUSIC for Violin and Piano". This is the usual reaction which this composition gets when performed by more advanced students. The sound and power of this piece always impress and wake a broad interest and desire among more elementary pupils to play this and other pieces in this style already at an earlier stage in their development, and also to be able to play with players of other instruments.

Thus the impulse arose to write the somewhat easier 10 RAPsodies presented here. Just as in the case of "A LITTLE POP MUSIC" and "POP ROMANCE", now can not only the violin but also the viola, cello and flute profit from this new edition. All these pupils can now unfold their RAPsody-Power solistically among one another and across the board, in the smallest of combos as well as in larger ensembles.

The viola and the cello were paid special attention in "RAPsody No. 9a". It is only in this key (!) that the double-stop playing on these instruments can be fully utilised. And the 10th RAPsody is now a slightly easier version of the RAPsody from "POP MUSIC for Violin and Piano", in which the special performance tricks have been somewhat reduced and accomodated to the various instruments in question.

The piano parts provide the necessary rhythmic background for a sparkling and effective overall sound. But a pianist is not always available who can take over this role. Thus a CD is provided with the piano accompaniment in different tempi (!), so that the pupil can practice the piece even without a pianist, and at both a slower tempo and at the final tempo.

In the meantime, a few of these RAPsodies have been performed in public concerts and received enthusiastically by audiences. And thus the "CD-pianist" is available everywhere at performances, where there is either no piano or no pianist available.

Have fun and lots of success with the audience!
Manfred Schmitz

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