POP ROMANCE - Cello & Piano

POP ROMANCE - Cello & Piano
  • language: German/English
  • for Cello and Piano

by Manfred Schmitz

11 Compositions from Easy to Difficult

Score and Solo Part

Have fun learning through the combination of classical playing technique and pop sound! Separated into different levels of difficulty, you’ll find an extensive repertoire of pieces for solo instruments with piano accompaniment. Working together with experienced instrumental pedagogues, Manfred Schmitz has specifically arranged these pieces for violin, viola, cello and flute respectively. Ideal for students and teachers: all components (the piano accompaniment book, the instrumental part books and a play-along CD that contains the piano accompaniments) can all be purchased separately.


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Considering its level of difficulty, “POP ROMANCE” is the progressive link between “A LITTLE POP MUSIC” and “POP MUSIC for Violin & Piano”. The solo part of this composition offers an extensive number of individual, interpretive possibilities.

For the pieces from “A LITTLE POP MUSIC” and “POP ROMANCE”, a play-along CD is available (sold separately). Tracks 28-38 on the CD are the 11 titles from “POP ROMANCE” and can serve as a preliminary practical and musical orientation before the “live” phase begins. This joint development of an interpretive concept can then proceed with plenty of background information and a solid feeling for the desired goal and all tempo-related details can be addressed.

To become become one with the harmonic progressions, to subordinate oneself to the leading character of the piano, to match intensities at interpretive high points, to be able to wait for each other, to allow the created sound to develop with time, to find good dynamic shadings, - this can all only happen “live” in the immediate communication between two music making partners. This is simply not possible with a CD. But the CD can serve as an aid when studying alone when a pianist is not available.

The varied pieces within “POP ROMANCE” demand sophisticated interpretation from the soloist with regard to all articulations and the accentuation of anticipations […]. In a musically expressive spot, such an anticipation should be accented more intensely or aggessively than in a singing, melodic line. Here such anticipations should be dealt with more delicately.

“POP ROMANCE”, like “A LITTLE POP MUSIC”, was originally written for violin and piano. The solo voice above the piano part serves as melodic information when playing together with viola, cello or flute. In order to maintain that each composition is a bonafide “original” for each instrument, alternate octaves have sometimes been introduced and the melody, the compositional logic of the piece, has been newly shaped to fit the tonal character of each respective instrument. It is important to me that the music of “POP ROMANCE” is available to these instrumentalists as well.

Have lots of fun with these pieces!


Manfred Schmitz


1. Wanderslust
2. Romance in A
3. Rainbow Song
4. Dream Serenade
5. Fantasy in C
6. Rose Song
7. Andrea
8. Memory of a Dream
9. Emotion
10. Romantic Fantasy
11. Romantic Duet

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