Jazz Piano - Solo Concepts

Jazz Piano - Solo Concepts
  • language: English
  • for piano

by Philipp Moehrke

Book , 88 Pages,
+ incl. CD

Compositions by Philipp Moehrke covering the diverse styles of different Jazz pianists including background information about the compositions and styles. This book is an excellent complementary volume to "Jazz Piano - Voicing Concepts" and offers fresh and practical new material.


Sound Clip 1 (Black Nocturne)

Sound Clip 2 (Sunrise)

Samples ...

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ISBN 978-3-89922-117-6
ISMN M-50155-065-4

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JAZZ PIANO – SOLO CONCEPTS is a collection of effectively arranged piano pieces, each dedicated to different aspect of Jazz piano playing. Many pieces are specifically written in the style of a prominent jazz pianist so we can investigate the formative techniques underlying many different Jazz styles. In this regard, an explanation of the musical theory and structure of each piece is provided in addition to playing tips and related exercises. This way it is possible for the student to advance beyond the mere learning of the piece and come to understand the essence of the music in order to creatively apply the newly acquired skills.

All the pieces and many of the musical examples can be heard on the enclosed CD. Several of the pieces were additionally recorded at a slower tempo that’s easier to play along to. Jazz pianists considered to be the originator of a certain style and whose playing and arranging techniques served as the basis for an individual title are covered in mini-biographies. Information about other outstanding Jazz pianists, a recommended discography for listening as well as a list of the important Jazz standards and possible ways to arrange them are included in the Appendix.

This book is directed at pianists who already possess a basic knowledge of piano playing (can read music, simple piano technique etc.). Previous knowledge of Jazz is not necessary. The pieces are ordered according to their level of difficulty so that you can orient yourself on the given order of songs when deciding which song you should learn first. In my opinion, you can achieve the best results learning these pieces when you learn them by ear. In addition to the right notes and rhythms, you also automatically learn the correct dynamics and phrasing as well.

For more advanced study of Jazz piano it is recommended to simultaneously work with the book VOICING CONCEPTS, also published by AMA. Several remarks in this text refer to this book.

I would like to heartily thank the people that have contributed to the successful publication of this volume. My wife Claudia and both my children Dario and Shana; Lothar Moehrke, Dr. Matthis und Dr. Jutta Kepser, Bernhard Bentgens, Arno Pfunder and Wolfgang Wierzyk for proofreading the manuscript; Detlef Kessler and Wolfgang Fiedler from AMA Publishing for their trust in me; my piano students at the Jazz & Rock School Freiburg who served as “guinea pigs“ when I was developing the songs and Ingo Mertens for his invaluable musical tips regarding the performance these pieces. Have lots of fun with JAZZ PIANO – SOLO CONCEPTS!
Philipp Moehrke


CD Contents
Tips For Using This Book
Swing It!
Minor Blue
Brazilian Mood
Black Nocturne
Waltz For Dario
Tender Moments
Soul Food
Modal Jazz Tune
Jazz Flowers
Oscar’s Blues
Cuban Jazz


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