Squeeze Box Fairy Tales

Squeeze Box Fairy Tales
  • language: German/English
  • for Accordion
  • Notes
  • Illustrations

by Peter Michael Haas

25 Amusing and Wistful Children's Songs

Book , 48 Pages
+ CD (Examples)

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ISBN 978-3-89922-124-4
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...a few words in advance:

Originally I only collected a few new pieces from my beginning classes. I was surprised how much excitement these pieces immediately generated – amongst both teachers and students! The thirst for “really beautiful” keyboard material is apparently quite large. So that the stories can not only be heard but also be seen, my dear sister Vera Haas, a graphic artist, snatched up her drawing utensils and created some illustrations to go along with the music. Please feel free to color in the funny drawings any way you like!
In addition to solos and duets, this book also contains two pieces that you don’t find so often: “Everybody Plays Together...” are two small mini-compositions. When my students meet for their recitals, we always start by playing one of these pieces together first. This helps to break the ice right away and the audience, who has watched us learn and rehearse the piece, is amazed how such a lively, pulsating and sonorous sound can originate from just a few notes... Try it yourself and you’ll realize how much fun it is to play these pieces together!

Regarding notation: The left hand is notated according to international standard notation (one button = one note); in addition, chord symbols for all musicians to follow are included. This allows a guitar or piano to join in the accompaniment should the situation present itself.

And finally, an invitation: please visit me on my web site! There you can see the rubber duckie (see page 25) in color and even download an extra bonus song for free!
The address is: http://www.peter-m-haas.de
You can also write to me: post@peter-m-haas.de I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


01 Everybody Plays Together to Say Hello
02 Little Schlomko Is Coming
03 Magical Fairy Tale
04 Magical Fairy Tale (Duet)
05 The Wedding Cancan
06 Yolanda's Moving!
07 The Ski Song
08 Bumble Bee Buzz
09 Kyrgyzstanian Dance
10 Vacation at Last!
11 Jana's Reggae
12 Katyusha
13 Italian Tarantella
14 Rubber Duckie Foxtrot
15 The Circus Is Coming
16 Aerobic Finger Dance
17 Up and Down
18 Auld Lang Syne
19 Ajde Jano
20 Wild Horses
21 Sunset at the Lake
22 Sunset at the Lake (Duet)
23 Up and Down in F Major
24 Silent Movie Ragtime
25 The Cockeyed Waltz
26 Colin's Shuffle
27 At The End, Everybody Plays Together

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