Die AMA-Cajónschule - Charly Böck

Charly Böck plays as a freelance percussionist in various ensembles like the “Piu Piu Latin Big Band“, the „Late Night Band” of the Ingolstadt Jazz Days, for the “Tribute to Paul Simon” project and in a duo with the harpist Kasia Lewandowska. He is also a lecturer for the training programme ‘House of Rhythm’.

His comprehensive knowledge, which he has acquired through his studies at the International Percussion School in Munich and his further training in African, Brazilian and Cuban percussion (e.g. under Famoudou Konate, Duduka Da Fronseca, Luis Conte) is now passed on in his book, “AMA Cajónschule”.

In seven chapters, percussion enthusiasts will learn everything they need to know about the instrument. In the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Practice’ section, the instrument, its history, the use of the instrument and basic accent exercises will be presented in preparation for the following chapters. The main section encompasses chapters 3 to 5, in which the rhythms of different Cajón styles will be dealt with. All of these will be briefly explained using the characteristic basic pattern. Chapter 3 deals with the traditional patterns, separated into Brazilian, African and Cuban, with rhythms like samba funk, timbalada, afro beat, siko, rumba yambu and agayu. Chapter 4 presents modern grooves like funk ‘n’ Latin, the back beat 4/4, hip hop and soul groove and pop and rock beats. The practical part ends with chapter 5, in which Charly Böck has complied four ensemble pieces so that pupils can also directly learn how to play in a group.

The last chapter is particularly special, as the author puts together a list of the most important Cajón recordings from the Peruvian, Cuban and Spanish tradition as well as from jazz.

Charly Böck has succeeded in writing a comprehensive and thoroughly researched book for beginners, offering a comprehensive collection of rhythms which even seasoned percussionists will enjoy.

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