New Tickets

New Tickets
  • language: german/english
  • for guitar
  • Noten/Tab

by Peter Morscheck, Chris Burgmann

16 Solo Pieces with Accompaniment

book , 68 pages
+ CD (listening examples, Play-backs)

The third volume in the "Tickets" series. New solo pieces by the established acoustic guitar duo Morscheck & Burgmann, varied and surprising in style. The CD once again includes all of the compisitions, both as stand-alone tracks and as separately channelled playback versions. Enjoy!

Level of difficulty: intermediate


Samples ...

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ISBN 978-3-89922-130-5
ISMN M-50155-080-7

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Dear Friends of Guitar Music,

the first two books in our “Ticket Series“ have been immensely popular. Thank you all for your feedback and also for the videos on all the Internet channels.

We are excited about presenting this, our third volume full of new “tickets“ which guarantee you entry into the musical world of Morscheck & Burgmann. Again you’ll find solo compositions that are supplemented by a second harmony part.

Taken individually, the pieces are all held to a uniform level of difficulty. Some are a little bit harder, some a bit easier and prudently stated: the level of difficulty is “intermediate“. You’ll find out for yourselves which pieces are appropriate for you at the moment and which could be stimulating for you in the future.

The CD is enclosed for your listening pleasure as well as a play along track. You’ll first hear the duet version and you’re welcome sit back and relax. A second version of the duet is for you to play along with and that’s why it begins with count off bars. These mixes have each part on a separate channel so that you can choose your desired duo partner and voice by using the balance knob. In order to increase the fun and help you stay in time, you’ll also be accompanied by percussion or drums.

AMA Publishing has also released our play along guitar books “Ten Tickets For Two Roads“, “More Tickets...“ and “Classics Forever“, all with accompanying CDs. If you would like to find out more about us, you can visit our homepage at or look for us on the AMA Publishing homepage.

We would like to thank the team at AMA and Detlef Kessler for our long lasting collaboration. We would especially like to thank Karin Stuhrmann for her innovative and meticulous editing of our books. And last but not least we would of course like to thank our students who tested our compositions and gave us the double thumbs up.

We wish you much enjoyment and pleasure while playing!
Chris Burgmann & Peter Morscheck


Rosses Point
The Harp of Aedh
Trawmore Bay
The Fairy Troops
The Last Waltz on Blasket Islands
The Last Rose Jig
The Spiritual Sky
Sunny Side Up
Puerto Rico
Fountain Lane
Night of the Trolls
Little Willow
The Secrets of Blacky's Bird

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