New Tickets - Peter Morscheck,, Chris Burgmann

New Tickets

The guitar duo Morscheck & Burgmann, who have been active since the 1990’s, have published various music books for classical guitar with the AMA Publishing House. These pieces can be played either as solos, or as duets. Both musicians work as guitar teachers and have worked together on projects with different artists. In this context, Peter Morscheck played for various TV and radio recordings, while Chris Burgmann played as a studio guitarist and arranger with Reinhard Mey and received a double award as co-author of the PUR-title “Wenn sie diesen Tango hört”.

The book “Duets for the Young (at) Heart” is aimed at guitarists with 2 or 3 years of practical experience. The compositions are always split into two parts, in which the melody switches between the first and second guitar part, so that each player gets to take on both the melody line and the accompaniment. All pieces are notated in classical notation as well as tablature, so the player can decide for themselves which they find easier to read.

The three books in the “Ticket” series (“ Ten Tickets for two Roads”, “More Tickets…“ and „New Tickets”) are aimed at guitarists with practical experience of 3 years or more. What is common among these books is that the pieces have been composed as solos and the second part has been added to compliment it, so that all pieces can be performed as either a solo or a duet. With every piece, the authors give an explanation regarding its character and the technical difficulties it poses. Particularly difficult passages are explained separately in order to simplify practicing. The pieces are recorded in full on the CD and additionally as a playback with divided channels, so that you can also practice alone at home.

In their fifth book, “ Classics forever”, the authors have arranged famous classics for the concert guitar. The level of difficulty is suitable for guitarists with 2 or more years of practical experience. It is possible to play the pieces as solos, duets or in group lessons. The collection contains melodies from TV and radio adverts such as “La Donna è mobile” by G. Verdi, “Swan Lake” by P.I. Tchaikovsky, “La Primavera” from A. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and many more. In the final chapter, important dates in the lives of the composers are listed so that the pupil can place the pieces in their temporal context.

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