Memories - Matthias Anton,, Philipp Moehrke


The author, Philipp Moehrke, received his degree in jazz piano and arrangement from the Berklee College of Music and has since worked as a pianist, composer, arranger and producer for different styles of music as well as for film, theatre and music productions. Together with the saxophonist Matthias Anton, Moehrke has published revised transcriptions of their CD ‘Memories’.

The eleven selected pieces are suited for classical as well as jazz lovers, as the authors have created a symbiosis of pop, classical and jazz music in their high class arrangements for chamber groups.

The classical chord sequences build a stable, harmonic framework, upon which the improvisation of both saxophonists develops. The prevailing mood of most of the pieces can be felt in the performance, characterised by a dreamy tranquillity which, in a balanced ensemble, is a sign against the hustle and bustle of time.

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