• language: german/english
  • for piano, soloinstrument (C, Bb, Es)

by Matthias Anton, Philipp Moehrke

Songs for Solo Instrument and Piano

book , piano part 68, solo part 56

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On their new released CD "Memories" Matthias Anton (Saxophone) and Philipp Moehrke (Piano) present their technically brilliant converging compositions a retrospection and personal tribute to their musical friendship, down to the present day lasting for more than 10 years. Classic and jazz lovers will find joy in this timeless inspiration.

Both musicians found a symbiosis of Pop, Classic and Jazz and provide concise, atmospherical themes embedded in acoustic high-class arrangements. Like a dialogue these two musicians pass on their parts to each other, seize the given "arguments" and meet within a process of flowing development.

The basic mood of their performance is affected by a dreamlike tranquility, deeply touching the listener with a well balanced dynamic and an energetic climax. Improvising over classical chord sequences the musicians juggle the motives, sometimes with a breathtaking speed yet simultaneously balanced by sensitive interplay a musical sign against the hectic pace of today.
The present notes are edited transcriptions from the CD "Memories". Due to the fact that the recording session was inspired by improvisation, the reader can also change and modify the arrangements according to their own abilities. For this purpose the reader can download lead sheets on

Matthias Anton & Philipp Moehrke


Vorwort / Preface
I Feel at Home
Green Eyes
Peace in Mind
From Long Ago
Spring Dance
What I Feel for You

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