Modern Groove - Drum Book - Timo Ickenroth

Timo Ickenroth has taken part as a musician in many band projects in various styles like jazz, funk, rock/pop and soul, among others, and has played with musicians such as Jonny Logan, Silvia Droste, Bart van de Lier and many more. In 2009 he founded the ‘New Groove Factory’ music school with the aim of promoting young talent through qualified, individual and modern lessons in the areas of jazz, rock and pop. Parallel to this, he wrote his first drumming book which presents a modern concept for a universal and methodical drums lesson, dedicated to modern rock, pop and jazz grooves.

This carefully constructed beginner’s course accompanies the learner from the very beginning. The first two chapters are dedicated to the fundamentals of the instrument and the musical basics, which also deals with music theory and reading music. In a further nine chapters, the drummer learns everything there is to know about how to play to support music, using techniques like grooves, fill-ins. Each new technique is briefly presented with its characteristics. The differences between the different playing techniques are also highlighted.

A small selection includes: single stroke roll, double stroke roll, flams, single paradiddle and shuffle.

Pupils will want to learn more and more because of the use of advanced concepts. They will practice dexterity and coordination with the help of exercises containing triplets, sextuplets and 3 against 2 rhythms. The chapters are made up of small steps and contain a lot of exercise and playing material, which is completed by an mp3 CD containing almost all sound samples of the first five chapters. The playing material is loosened up with photos and empty staves, where the pupil can write down their own ideas and thereby train their creativity, coordination and rhythmical security and diversity. The book ends with a chapter about the orchestration of reading exercises, which gives the drummer the possibility of separating out the notes of a groove onto the different instruments of a drum kit and thereby implementing what they have already learned and creating their own combination of sound.

You will find attached a list with further reading recommendations, sorted by topics like technique, grooves and styles in rock, pop and other musical styles, swing/jazz, double bass drumming, play-along tracks and playing with brushes. With countless exercises, this book is indispensible and will occupy drummers for a long time. It can also be used as a reference book for particular rhythms.

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