Notenrätsel für schlaue Notenfüchse. Band 2 - Thomas Moshammer

Thomas Moshammer is a lecturer for chamber music courses for music pupils of all ages, a music teacher for guitar, electric guitar, electric bass and ensembles and has also made many concert appearances as an active guitarist and member of chamber music groups. Alongside publications of his own arrangements for guitar ensembles and mixed ensembles, he has written two books about ‘Notenrätsel’ (music puzzles), aimed at young primary school children. These books can be used independently of both the instrument as well as the music course used by the teacher.

In “Notenrätsel für schlaue Notenfüchse”, the elementary building blocks of notation are taught in a playful way. The topics covered in the books include: accidentals and key signatures, treble clef, bar lines, time signatures and note and rest values. The pitch range of the music puzzles in the first book range from c‘ to h‘‘ and pupils will learn the first note and rest values (minim, crotchet). In the second book, the pitch range is widened to include from e to f‘‘‘, and the note values including quavers and dotted notes.

Through diverse quiz questions, the covered material will be consolidated in regular chunks and practically applied with small compositional exercises. This book can be used in private or group lessons for pupils to work on by themselves, or as homework tasks.

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