An die Saiten, fertig, los! - Ergänzungsband - Ingo Brzoska

The teaching book ‘An die Saiten - fertig - los!’ offers lesson material for the guitar, mandolin and mandola for use in large school groups (from around 6 pupils) up to normal class sizes in general education schools (from 25 pupils). From the outset, the core of this teaching concept is playing together in an ensemble, producing great sounding results: a pupil’s first contact with the instrument should come from an ‘elementary way of making music’ in which the first basics of playing the instrument are taught. In this sense, ‘An die Saiten - fertig – los’ can be seen as an orientation level text, which aims to create sustainable motivation for learning the guitar, mandolin or mandola. This orientation level is to be placed before traditional instrumental lessons and is recognised as a ‘music making and motivational level’. This means the book can be used from primary school up to the second year of the following school (age group: ca. 7 to 12 years). The course length according to this concept depends on the starting age of the children, but generally stretches between one and two years.

The “Teaching Hand Book” contains all the course material from the pupil’s workbook, all teacher accompaniment parts and additional melody lines, basic methodical-didactical advice, explanations about each chapter regarding implementing the concept in lessons, a material structure plan for arranging the lesson material over a school year (around 40 lessons) and example descriptions of the first few lessons.

These five volumes allow a diverse range of uses in different types of lessons in: guitar groups or classes, plucking classes with guitar, mandolin and mandola, in ensembles with guitars/plucked instruments and additional instruments (flute, recorder, violin and accordion, among others), pure mandolin groups or mandolin classes.

As this concept offers a way of making music with different instruments, it can be used in many different areas of music education: in music schools for classes, in large groups or for ‘taster courses’, in working groups at schools with afternoon extra curricular activities, in the framework of communication between music schools and general educational schools with projects like class music making and music lessons, for entering into instrumental education and youth development in guitar ensembles.

The second teacher’s book, “Further material for primary schools”, contains further teaching material for individual learning steps, which are especially tailored for children of primary school age. This volume is made up of worksheets for the pupils, explanatory tips for the teacher and all accompaniment parts.

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