Russian Piano Pieces

Russian Piano Pieces
  • language: German, English, Russian
  • for piano

by Sergei Slonimsky

49 musical pictures

book , 104 pages

This collection by the well-known Russian composer and piano educator Sergei Slonimsky contains three cycles of short pieces for piano that simultaneously fulfill both artistic and educational demands. Regarding their level of difficulty, the small works are ordered progressively and children and adults as well as beginners and returning piano enthusiasts will all find excellent, new performance material. Slonimsky has designed a series of musical vignettes of varied poetic scenes, very much in the style of Robert Schumann. The collection  begins with the first steps at the piano and ends with a musical journey to foreign countries and continents.
The book contains: 1) "The Pianist's First Steps", 2) "A Child's Summer Day", 3) "Musical Journey to Foreign Countries and Continents".


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The 3 cycles of piano pieces for children and young pianists were created thanks to an initiative by Verlag Neue Musik in Berlin.

The first cycle is directed at beginners who are making their very first acquaintance with the piano keyboard. Initially the student learns to play simple melodies in the style of Middle Age Gregorian chants: first each the right and left hand individually, then together with the same finger­ings. Thereafter the young musicians are taught various musical keys from Middle Age, Renaissance and folk music. At the end of the cycle the children play simple polyphonic pieces in the form of a canon, double counterpoint and the 3 voice fugue.

The second cycle named “A Child‘s Summer Day” is conceived for the intermediate music student. Here the conflicting moods and images that accompany a sensitive child‘s soul during the course of an entire day are traced from early in the morning to late in the evening. The stylized nature of these pieces is based on a free interpretation and not on any specific experiences. Taken as a whole, the cycle is loosely based on Robert Schumann‘s “Album for the Youth” which I so treasured during my childhood. I have dedicated this work to him as he is a composer that I highly appreciate and admire.

The third cycle is called “Musical Journey to Foreign Countries and Continents.” In it I have strived to reproduce the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic characteristics so rich in contrast of various folk musics.

I would like to thank Verlag Neue Musik for publishing this album. I am extremely curious regarding the reaction of my valued fellow educators and their talented young musicians. It would be a joy for this author if a few of these piano pieces could be useful to teachers and students at music schools as well as to young pianists and their instructors.

St. Petersburg, 12.30.2011

Sergei Slonimsky, composer



The Pianist‘s First Steps
1. Monody for the Right Hand
2. Monody for the Left Hand
3. Peaceful Duet
4. Cheerful Dance in Major
5. Cheeky Dance (in the Lydian Mode)
6. Gentle Dance (in the Mixolydian Mode)
7. Sad Song in Minor
8. Lyrical Motif (in the Aeolian Mode)
9. Mournful Motif (in the Dorian Mode)
10. Militant Motif (in the Phrygian Mode)
11. Canon
12. Double Counterpoint
13. Small Fugue

A Child‘s Summer Day

1. The Morning
2. A Brisk Walk
3. A Bitter Nuisance
4. A Peculiar Occurrence
5. Playing Tag
6. A Fanciful Movie Theater
7. In a Melancholy Mood
8. Song in a Boat on the River
9. The Magic Forest
10. Birdsongs in the Forest
11. The Frightful Horseman
12. It‘s Raining
13. The Hunter‘s March (Rondo)
14. The Merry Feast
15. Waltz (for Four Hands)
16. Polka (for Four Hands)
17. Evening Prayer
18. Lullaby

Musical Journey to Foreign Countries and Continents

1. American Song
2. Russian Dance
3. Argentinian Dance
4. Chinese Countryside
5. African Talking Drums
6. Arab Dervishes Hiking Through the Desert
7. Woeful Hebrew Song
8. Furiant (Bohemian Folk Dance)
9. Hungarian March
10. Gypsy Dance
11. Mazurka (Polish Dance)
12. English Song
13. Song of a French Troubadour
14. Spanish Song
15. Italian Canzone
16. Scottish Dance
17. German Song
18. Cheerful March

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