Russian Piano Pieces - Sergei Slonimsky

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This collection by the well-known Russian composer and piano educator Sergei Slonimsky contains three cycles of short pieces for piano that simultaneously fulfill both artistic and educational demands. Regarding their level of difficulty, the small works are ordered progressively and children and adults as well as beginners and returning piano enthusiasts will all find excellent, new performance material. Slonimsky has designed a series of musical vignettes of varied poetic scenes, very much in the style of Robert Schumann. The collection begins with the first steps at the piano and ends with a musical journey to foreign countries and continents.
The book contains: 1) "The Pianist's First Steps", 2) "A Child's Summer Day", 3) "Musical Journey to Foreign Countries and Continents".

Samples ...

Sound Clip 1: Militant Motif

Sound Clip 2: A Brisk Walk

Sound Clip 3: The Frightful Horseman

Sound Clip 4: Gypsy Dance

Sound Clip 5: Cheerful March

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