Solo for 3 - Book 1

Solo for 3 - Book 1
  • language: German, English, Russian
  • for piano

by Sergei Slonimsky

1: Sergei Slonimsky Piano Music for Six Hands


How about trying to play a single piano with three people? The new AMA series "Solo for 3" offers cross-genre performance material for up to six hands at the piano. The pieces in the first two volumes were selected by the three pianists in the famous piano trio "Some Handsome Hands" and almost all of them form an integral part of their concert repertoire. The first volume is dedicated to the composer Sergei Slonimsky and contains three pieces from his ballet "The Magic Nut."


Sound Clip 1: A Young Boy's Love for the Princess

Sound Clip 2: Court Jester's Dance and Polka

Sound Clip 3: Jestful Bacchanalia

The pieces were recorded on the CD "Con Fuoco"

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The ballet "The Magic Nut" is based on a libretto by the famous Russian painter, sculptor and stage designer Mikhail Shemyakin. The story itself is based on "The Tale of the Hard Nut" by E.T.A. Hoffman. The sequel to this fairy tale is generally known to have formed the foundation for the libretto of the world famous ballet "the Nutcracker" by P.I. Tchaikovsky. The motto of the ballet "The Magic Nut", which had its premiere in 2005 in the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg under the direction of Mikhail Shemyakin and which is still part of the theater's repertoire today, can be expressed as "how gallantry or noble mindedness is punished." The young Drosselmeier falls hopelessly in love with princess Pirlipat. When the Evil Rat transforms her into an ugly doll, he begins to wander aimlessly throughout the world, descends into the underwater world and also ascends into the heavenly realm of pleasure, all the time possessing no fear of temptation, evil spirits or even death. He finds a magic nut, breaks it open and the Princess transforms back to the native beauty. As chastisement, the Evil Rat casts a spell on him and he becomes a nutcracker. Ungrateful Pirlipat turns away from her liberator and throws him out. In the last scene, however, the young girl Mascha appears, the future savior and bride of the poor young man. In the three piano transcriptions for six hands (three pianists, one piano) you will hear three pieces from this ballet. The first piece parallels a symphonic overture which embodies the romantic love of the young Drosselmeier; it is replete with tenderness, apprehension and a dreamful pursuit of happiness. The second piece is a jovial dance of the cooks who clumsily march with their dishes while rats nimbly steal sausages from their plates. Even the king, who has just became a father, dances a jolly polka on just one leg. The third piece is a jestful bacchanalia that takes place in the heavenly realm of pleasure. It reveals the temptations that confront the young man on his journey. They appear in the form of beautiful virgins and the resplendent images of an unearthly celebration. Beginning at a very slow tempo, this bacchanalia accelerates ist pace and closes with a loud, lively and senseless dance. St. Petersburg, 12.26.2011 Sergei Slonimsky, composer


Piano Music for Six Hands * based on 3 pieces from the ballet "The Magic Nut" 1. A Young Boy's Love for the Princess 2. Court Jester's Dance and Polka 3. Jestful Bacchanalia (the Crazy Rondo) * and forů six feet, triangle, a drum, tambourine and vocal

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