Die AMA-Gitarrenschule für Kinder - Ingo Brzoska

The musical education for guitar for children from 6 years

After his studies in ‘general music education’ and ‘instrumental teaching – guitar’ and after taking various master classes (with Karl Scheit, Alexandre Lagoya and Hubert Käppel), Ingo Brzoska concerned himself with early instrumental guitar lessons (for children from around 6 years old) and wrote the ‘Die AMA Gitarrenschule für Kinder’ with an age range of 6 and 10 years old in mind.

In short chapters which build on one another, learners will be introduced to the foundation stones of guitar playing (the instrument, sitting position, thumb position and note values, among others). The authors aim was that learners, by the end of this course, would have a basic knowledge of the notes in first position, keys, note values and dynamic elements. What they have learned will be solidified by repeating small segments in a playful way.

This book is excellently composed in a didactic way. With its small and playful warm-up exercises, it is a treasure trove for teachers who can implement this course in small groups (between 2 and 4 pupils). The CD, with a choice of 45 exercises from the book, can also be used as a stand-alone study tool. Several puzzles and quizzes, as well as funny illustrations, perfect learning success and ensure that the necessary ‘fun factor’ is there, so that children don’t loose the fun of learning.

With a choice of songs such as ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Ihr Kinderlein kommet’ (arranged for 3 guitars), the pupils will, by the end of the book, learn their first ensemble piece and experience the first feelings of success when performing it for others. With this, pupils have all the tools necessary to keep working with further guitar courses (‘Gitarrenspielereien’ by Ingo Brzoska, AMA No. 610200 or ‘Adventures in Guitar. Vol. 1’ by Jens Kienbaum, AMA No. 610380E).

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