Youth Album

Youth Album
  • language: German/English
  • for Piano

by Manfred Schmitz

Jazz, Rock, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, Pop-Romantik

Book , 216 Pages

Continues the tradition of well-known and similary titled collections by Schumann, Khachaturian and other composers except that the jazz, rock, pop, blues, boogie woogie, ragtime and easy listening pieces reflect the popular music styles of today. Arranged according to difficulty from easy to quite challenging.

German Music Edition Prize 1999


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In addition to the innumerable piano pieces for children by famous composers, we also know the well-loved and proven pieces of teaching literature from:

Album For The Youth (Robert Schumann)
Youth Album (Peter Tchaikowsky)
Children's Album (Aram Chatchaturjan)

In these works, the composers introduce us to their own personal style in a loving and responsible fashion through small piano pieces. These musical vignettes are both an acoustic and enduring documentation of their respective musical languages and differing eras. A YOUTH ALBUM like the one you have in your hands is, in respect to the chronology of the albums mentioned above, long overdue. Including Jazz, Rock, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime and Pop pieces, this album concentrates solely on popular music which itself has developed and its influence widened in the most diverse and undreamt -of ways in the course of the last few decades. Today, popular music captivates young people and functions as their primary listening environment from the earliest days of childhood. It's only natural that one wants to play the music that one hears everyday. And as soon as the basics of piano playing have been tackled and one can get around the keyboard with some facility, it's time for something new!

Although one can easily sing along and "feel" the beat of popular music, each individual style has it's own typical characteristics and difficulties, which, primarily concerning rhythm, take some getting used to on the keyboard. Certain melodic turns, chord progressions and rhythmic anomalies define each style whether it's Jazz, Rock, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime or Popmusic. In this YOUTH ALBUM, these features are taught in a fun way starting with the easiest pieces. The subtleties of stylistically typical articulation elevate your interpretation and increase the fun factor at the same time. You should thus pay careful attention to them.

The YOUTH ALBUM should be your long term partner as you can find pieces at your present technical level (i. e. very easy – easy - medium -advanced) and in your favorite style. Curiosity can lead to playing other styles; maybe you will find a new favorite! Given the broad spectrum of styles and levels of difficulty covered in the book, the YOUTH ALBUM can become the constant companion of every one who plays the piano.

So, have lots of fun and practice, practice, practice!


1. Short Pop Romance
2. Old Song
3. Serenade Facile
4. Simple Jazz I
5. Simple Jazz II
6. Oh No, It's F Sharp
7. Simple Rock
8. The Scale Praeludium
9. Melody in G
10. Minor Sixth Fantasy I
11. Minor Sixth Fantasy II
12. Major Sixth Fantasy
13. Simple Ballad I
14. Simple Ballad II
15. Epilogue
16. Jazz Intermezzo
17. Simple Serenade I
18. Simple Serenade II
19. Holiday Rag I
20. Holiday Rag II
21. Simple Blues I
22. Simple Blues II
23. Mini Rock Party
24. For Eileen
25. Lullaby
26. Intermission Music
27. Simple Boogie Woogie I
28. Simple Boogie Woogie II
29. A-B-A Canon in Jazz
30. Chromatic Song
31. Boogie Woogie Party
32. Little Story
33. Duet
34. The Boogie Woogie Jogger
35. Birthday Rag
36. Little Memory
37. The Small Take Five
38. The Big Take Five
39. Come In
40. Blues Day
41. Invention in Blue
42. Dialogue
43. Big Rock Party
44. Pop Serenade
45. Ragtime Party
46. Romantic Etude
47. Fantasy in F
48. Rock Intermezzo
49. Scottish Rock
50. Praeludium & Song
51. Solo for a Clown
52. Rondo à la Rock
53. A Little Rock Music
54. Small Carousel at the Eiffel Tower
55. Blue Notes Etude
56. Rock & Blues
57. Swinging
58. Meditation in D
59. Chanson Flair
60. Play Rock!
61. The Boogie Chicken
62. The Ragtime Chicken
63. Jazz Invention in A Minor
64. Romantic Concertino
65. My Old Movie Blues
66. Romance by the Sea
67. Bass Solo
68. Jazz Theme
69. Big Show
70. Song Festival I
71. Song Festival II
72. The "Flean”-Rock
73. Rainbow Serenade
74. Rock Burlesque
75. Sonatina in Jazz
77. Ballad in C
77. Jazz Toccatina
78. Seven Flair I
79. Seven Flair II
80. Ballad for Joern
81. Prélude mélancholique
82. Big Sound
83. Intermezzo in Five
84. Rock Prélude
85. Romantic Concert
86. Rock Toccatina
87. Pop Fantasy
88. Concerto Ballad
89. Harlequin
90. La Chanson
91. Inspiration
92. Scherzo
93. Praeludium Sacrale
94. Greek Fantasy
95. Rock Impression
96. In the Jazz Club
97. Piano Power
98. The Boogie Woogie Champion
99. Rock Sonatina
100. Boogie Woogie Sonatina
101. Rondo à la Dave
102. Blues Rock Session
103. Intermezzo
104. Waltz Brillante
105. Radio Astra
106. Jazz Waltz à la Spain
107. Praeludium in C Major
108. Rock Toccata
109. Boogie Woogie Power in C
110. Boogie Woogie Power in G
111. Hot & Pop
112. Rondo Toccata
113. Piano Feeling I
114. Piano Feeling II
115. Piano Feeling III
116. Jazz Toccata
117. Etude in Jazz
118. Meditation (Concert Piece)
119. Fantasy in A Minor (Concert Piece)
120. Rhapsodie Fantasy (Concert Piece)
121. Concert Fantasy

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