Play Accordion Vol.2 - Peter Michael Haas

Play Accordion Vol.2

The first accordion music book for advanced students which is not only a "classic" music book with pieces but also with many vivid examples of world music: Musette Waltzs, Eastern European Sirbas and Horas from the Jewish klezmer repertoire, tango, Afro-Cuban rhythms, blues and jazz.

The knowledge on how to use accordion knobs and buttons can be expanded through learning new jazz harmonies and expanding your sense of rhythm step by step through learning the basics of Rock, Blues, Swing and Latin music. Many workshop pieces with accompanied playback records will challenge and encourage improved timing, broaden your knowledge about chords and give the opportunity to try out small improvisations and prepare for interactions with other musicians.

The book also includes exercises on learning new chord symbols, basics of the accordion, the correct posture and breathing exercises. In several chapters simple introductions into the harmony are given which can promote the finger training. Triads and tetrachords are explained and characteristics of jazz harmonies are demonstrated. In other words, you will find once more many new songs to play with insightful explanations and helpful exercises!

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