Play Accordion Vol.2 - Peter Michael Haas

Play Accordion Vol.2

Peter Michael Haas, pianist and keyboardist in various Rock, Fusion and Jazz bands, discovered his love for the accordion and Tango (among others) with a little help by the music of Astor Piazzolla. Since then, he has been on an international concert tour (among many others) with the singer Karsten Troyke and the duo-ensemble "Váci Utca", has co-founded the "Trio Milonga" and the ensemble "New Tango Berlin" and has played in the ensemble of the actress and singer Meret Becker.

The second volume of “Play Accordion” for advanced players is not based on typical playing material, but on living examples of the world music genre. The motto of this book is "Music around the globe": Musette waltzes, Eastern European and Sirbas and Horas from the Jewish Klezmer repertoire, Tango, Afro-Cuban rhythms, Blues and Jazz are the main topic.

The chord knowledge on knobs and buttons is expanded and challenged through exercises and pieces in the basic jazz harmonies, the sense of rhythm will be increased through the basics of Rock, Blues and Swing and the syncopated accents of Latin music. A number of workshop-pieces with accompanied playback recordings will help improve the timing, give the opportunity to try small improvisations and be prepared for the interaction with other musicians. In other words: Once more a lot of new playing material with explanations and many exercises.

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