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Bass Bible

The British bassist Paul Westwood can be called one of the most demanded musician of our time. This book (“The Bass Bible”) was developed through his international work and gathered experience for decades with Tom Jones, Al Jarreau, Janet Jackson, Shirley Bassey, Madonna, Joe Cocker, Gloria Estefan, the Royal Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra, producers like Lieber & Stoller and Andrew Lloyd Webber, composers like Hans Zimmer, John Barry and Paul McCartney and worldwide film scores and TV recordings.

Paul Westwood, lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music, the King's College and the Stowe School, sends the reader with this book (280 pages, 2 accompanying CDs) on a musical adventure, ranging from Jazz towards Soul /R’n’B, Latin riffs to African Music and continues with progressive lines and solo instructions. Westwood describes in great detail the history and feeling of each featured stylistic. The “Bass Bible” (available in German and English) has become THE representative bass music book of the AMA publishing company in a very short amount of time.

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