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The drums Book of John Trotter

An extensive music book for drums that has moved with the times and has followed the trends! With more than 800 practical drum grooves and fills in many popular musical styles including rock, funk, blues, country, soul, disco, reggae, rock 'n' roll, fusion, grunge and punk and many more modern styles such as Drum 'n' Bass, Jungle and Hip-Hop. Written and performed by John Trotter, the "Working Drummer", who has been successful in the music industry for over thirty years, live and in the studio. This music book is suited for drummers who would like to broaden their knowledge, explore new styles and get to know the historical background of the music and its legendary musicians.

"The Working Drummer" is a practical, realistic and fundamental way for efficient practise. The tutorials are easily explained through charts and the included CD and DVD. Almost every song can be found on the enclosed CD, because not only reading the notes but listening to the grooves and fills will quicken the leaning process! The accompanying DVD includes video clips that show John demonstrating various ideas. Learning new grooves and attractive style elements is a lot easier through effective practise by using the additional CD and DVD and will lead to a larger repertoire!

"The Working Drummer" teaches the fundamentals in gripping the drum sticks and basics in notation theory (time signature, dynamics, note and rest values) that can be learned through simple exercises, followed by rudiments, basic sticking patterns commonly used as snare drum exercises, which will help to develop coordination, increase speed, maintain stamina and improve the overall drum stick control, basically the choreography of the hands. Advanced concepts, studio and solo tips top off the “Working Drummer” experience!

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