Moyerer, Olexandr


Oleksandr Moyerer (born in 1971) is Ukrainian and studied at the College of Music in Zaporizhia and subsequently with Professor Anatoly Selinsky at the famous State Conservatory in Odessa.

- Head of the Music Dept. of the Youth Estraden Theater in Elista, Russia and pianist in the state orchestra there.

- Active as a composer and producer at DG Records Studio in Melitopol, Ukraine

- Tour with the Great Moscow Circus Orchestra

- Active as a classical song accompanist in Germany since 2001

- Musical accompanist for Almut Grytzmann and Herwig Mark in the musical comedy "Du sollst nicht lieben" ("You Shouldn't Love") by Georg Kreisler, directed by Horst Meister, at the Willich Theater Festival in 2003

- Pianist, composer and arranger for the actress and diseuse Almut Grytzmann for her literary and cabaret chanson program from 2003-2005

- Producer of TV advertising music since 2006 (at ARTAUDIO in Cologne)

- Composer of solo works for piano for AMA Music Publishing since 2008; numerous and varied performances as a pianist

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