The New Harmony Book - Frank Haunschild

A musical workbook for classic, rock, pop and jazz

“The New Harmony Book” by jazz guitarist Frank Haunschild, who is a freelance musician, teacher and author, is one of the benchmarks of modern music teaching literature. As a work of reference or “dictionary of music theory” (by highlighting important musical terms) for any musician (whether composer, instrumentalist, arranger, sound engineer, music teacher or student), it mainly serves as a textbook for conservatoires and students and explains the terminology of Rock, Pop and Jazz and draws the line from classical harmony to popular music.

This basic musical workbook “The New Harmony Book” covers the elementary musical expertise from the beginning and is divided into two major parts.

Part 1 (“The tonal system”) explains the notation thoroughly and easily understandable as well as the harmonies, intervals and triads.

The second part includes nine detailed chapters about “The Rudiments of Harmony”: The handling with chord symbols and also the relation between the individual chords are explained step by step. Furthermore, the circle of fifths and fourths, the chord systems of major, harmonic and melodic minor and pentatonic scales, symmetrical and Blues scales are explained. In each chapter numerous illustrations and examples, exercises and solutions, comments and analyses are provided and therefore form a crucial contribution for a better understanding of the musical basics.

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