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11 Duets for Saxophone

Matthias Petzold belongs to the younger generation of German jazz musicians. He has recorded 8 CDs with his own compositions in many different ensembles and has published them under his label ‘Indigo-Records’, which is very well received by industry experts and music lovers alike. Some of his compositions have been commissioned by the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) symphony orchestra and the WDR Big Band. He has had many years of teaching experience in various music schools with pupils of all ages and abilities. He was able to fall back on these experiences when working on his own compositions, which have been published by the AMA Publishing House (‘Scenes from a Sketchbook’, AMA No. 610226, among others).

Stylistically, his music is based on modern mainstream jazz and therefore assimilates groove-orientated musical influences from different sources. His detailed engagement with European classical and avant-garde music is just as important. In this way, his music always preserves ease and improvisational joy in playing.

In his book ’11 Duets for Saxophone’ (AMA No. 610379), Petzold assembles the most different styles to make up his compositions: these range from jazz to calypso and from blues to the French musette walzes. These pieces are particularly good concert pieces, not only because of their melodic character and diverse composition, but also because of their variable instrumentation: the saxophonist can be accompanied either by a pianist or the CD. Alternatively, two saxophone pupils can play the pieces as a duet; either two of the same instrument (alto saxophone or tenor saxophone), or a mixture of both. A piano part can be ordered separately under the number 610484 (version for alto saxophone) or 610485 (version for tenor saxophone).

With regards to technical difficulty and playing experience required, this book is aimed at saxophonists who have been playing for 2-3 years and already have experience reading music and know the most important keys.

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