Ethno-Percussion Vol. 2 -

Ethno-Percussion Vol. 2

The Austrian live and session percussionist Herwig Stieger, who has worked as an endorser for "Meinl Percussion" and "Mehmet Istanbul"-cymbals, releases this new book after the successful publication of “The Real Book Conga" (AMA Verlag, incl. CD with play along tracks) for percussion ensembles. “Ethno Percussion Vol. 1” includes ten ensemble pieces for African, Latin and Modern Grooves, which developed from his years-long engagement with non-European music and his numerous study trips to Turkey (Orient percussion), Cuba (Havana and Santiago de Cuba, Latin Percussion) and West Africa (Benin and Burkina Faso, African percussion).

Stiegers compositions – ranked in difficulty from easy to moderate – are based on non-European music styles which the author has come in contact with over the years. The notation of the instruments are explained at the beginning and summarised in a full score at the end of each chapter. A detailed introduction to the listed instruments (Conga / Tumba, Surdo, Maracas, Cowbell, claves, guiro, Cajongas, djembe, Sangban / Doundoun, Kenkeni, Tambora), their techniques and helpful hints for the performance are given to make sure that every percussion ensemble will easily be able to evoke that Latin-American spirit in every concert.

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