Mein erstes Weihnachtsalbum für Klavier - Renate Hartnagel

44 of the most beautiful Christmas songs made easy.

This collection of well-known and very easily arranged, but nevertheless lovely sounding Christmas songs is specially designed for beginners.

Players will leave the range of the 5-finger space of the left and right hand as little as possible. The basic position of the hands is chosen so that both thumbs will lie on middle C. The melody therefore switches between the left and right hand, to demand a fluid transition between the hands. For this reason, many pieces are arranged in a lower register than usual, but are nevertheless suitable for singing along to.

In addition, each piece is marked with chords. This means teachers or relatives can accompany the pieces with a guitar, for example. Performed together, these pieces are perfectly suited to a Christmas performance!

The music is kept clear to allow children to get into it easily. Legato slurs, dynamics etc. have been intentionally left out, because many children find articulation difficult at the beginning.

However, the pieces do include the first challenges that need to be overcome: one hand pauses, while the other continues to play the melody, or the pianist has to play accompanying notes while concentrating on the melody in the other hand. Pupils learn the first accidentals and key signatures alongside dotted notes, quavers and various different time signatures. In some songs, they will have to cross their hands, so that the other hand can stay in the same position.

Traditional songs from the German and English-speaking world are expanded with compositions by the author. Rudolf even has his own dance!

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