The Ukulelen book. 2nd Level - Andreas David

As a multi-instrumentalist (5-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, lap/pedal steel guitar), Andreas David is a sought-after sideman (Andreas-von-Haselberg-Band, Hot String Quintet, Geschwister Pfister, Maren Kroyman, Wiglaf Droste, and in the bands ‘Country Classic Circus’ and Larry Schuba’s ‘Sweet Temptation’ among others) and has been a studio musician for countless recordings for film soundtracks, advertising jingles and CD productions for other artists. He has also composed film music for ‘Lila Lila’ and ‘Penguins’, theatre music for ‘der Löwe, der nicht schreiben konnte’ and the music for the children’s book ‘Charlie steckt fest’.

When it comes to the ukulele, Andreas David has travelled all over the world: as a soloist, with Torsten Puls on the bass or with his trio ‘Lucky Leles’. He never fails to amaze audiences time after time with his professional appearances, top arrangements and virtuosity with high-quality musical performances. In addition, he has played for KALA at the Music Trade Show in Frankfurt, as well as at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) trade show. He has also given guest performances at festivals from small German towns, all the way to Hawaii. He delights people with his ‘Uke Academy’ workshops all over Europe (at the Med Music School in Toscana, among others).

In 2011, his ukulele teaching DVD came out, which appears as a book, ‘The Ukulelen book’ (AMA No 610268).

For this continuation book, “The Ukulele Book. 2nd Level“, players should already know and be able to play the first chords (C, F, G7, Am, Dm, Em). This book continues straight away with new chords: A, F #m, D and E7 will be introduced and practiced. Even the first Barrett chord in Bb major will be introduced. In order to make accompaniment and playing more interesting, pupils will learn the following techniques: muting the strings, the Carter strum, the G run, hammer-on and natural flageolet. With all of these new skills, pupils will be able to play songs in the style of “Ben E. King – Stand by me“, “George Ezra – Budapest“ or “Jason Mraz – I’m yours“.

As in the first volume, all exercises are recorded onto the CD at two different tempos, and on the DVD you will be able to see all the chord changes, playing techniques and fingerings you have covered. Also here, photos make clear the difference between the right and wrong fingering, positions and ways of playing.

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