Improvisation for Blues Guitar - Jürgen Kumlehn

“This is how you play authentic blues solos“ – this subtitle from Jürgen Kumlehn’s new book “Improvisation for Blues Guitar“ is a call to all guitarists interested in blues music. The aim of the book is to give guitarists the tools they need to be satisfied when practicing and to make their blues improvisations sound authentic. The author limits himself in the exercises to the popular blues keys E and A so that the player gains a sense of security when practicing and doesn’t lose track. The explanation of transposition in the appendix allows the musician to use what they have learned in other keys as well.

Over the course of the book, the author introduces the guitarists to more and more secrets of improvisation. In the first three chapters, he deals with the basics of blues: blues rhythm (the difference between binary and ternary rhythms), standard blues forms and their variations, and the blues scale. In the chapter about tone shaping, the author explains five common techniques: slide, hammer-on, pull-off, vibrato and various bending forms. In the chapter about arpeggios, the expression possibilities of the guitar are expanded so that, in the final chapter, all techniques you have learned can be used in the improvisation examples. All exercises are presented with fingering diagrammes as well as notated and written in tablature, making this book suitable for all guitarists.

The audio examples are recorded onto the CD as backing tracks and the improvisation examples are recorded two different ways with different improvisation possibilities. 6 bonus tracks round off this definitive exercise material and offer further possibilities to consolidate what you have learned.

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