Wonderful Wintertime on the Piano - Angela Maurer

Angela Maurer is presenting her third piano album after „Romantic Dreams“ (AMA-Nr. 610238) and „Sunny Moments“ (AMA-Nr. 610359). She has succeeded with the title „Wonderful Wintertime“ in realising the atmospheric facets and beautiful sides of winter in music and to carry musicians and listeners away into a Christmassy atmosphere. The pieces don’t just take you to a winter landscape in pieces like „Snowball Fight“ and „Cheerful Sled Game“ or to a „Fun Afternoon in the Snow“, but also allow you to relax with „Dreaming Around the Fireplace“ or „Romance by Candlelight“. In two melodies, the author arranged common Christmas songs in her typical pop-romantic style, which can also be performed as stand-alone pieces for auditions and concerts.

The CD, recorded by the composer herself, invites you to put your feet up and relax with a hot drink. It makes the choice of pieces easier and gives tips for your own interpretations. Just like in Angela Maurer’s other books, the compositions can be used from the second to the tenth year of lessons and are in this way equally well suited for beginners and advanced piano players from all years. This book gives you the chance to widen your winter concert programme beyond the traditional Christmas songs.

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