The Solo trumpet: Ballads - William Bay

The “Solo Trumpet” series contains pieces which can be played at concerts or for daily practice and which highlight the lyrical side of this instrument. Whether they are played at church services, as encores or as performance pieces, the tunes always serve to bring out the full sound of the instrument and to broaden the repertoire of the solo trumpeter.

In these five volumes for solo trumpet, composer William Bay has written compositions and arrangements for a broad range of genres: 20 “Ballads” (AMA-No. 610512), 30 “Chants” (AMA-No. 610513), 17 “Partitas” (AMA-No. 610514) and 20 “Tone Poems” (AMA-No. 610515). These compositions are lively, lyrical and thoughtfully arranged. Individual pieces can also serve as a technical study of baroque trumpet style. The 54 “Hymns” (AMA-No. 610511) include arrangements to “Amazing Grace”, “A Mighty Fortress” and “Praise to the Lord”, as well as original compositions which can be played at various events in church (including two trumpet duets). In all his compositions, Bay aims to help the reader improve various playing techniques and to bring out the lyrical side of this instrument, as in practice, its use as a fanfare instrument often means it is relegated to the background.

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