Songs for Guitar Groups - Franz Kasper Krönig,, Thorsten Neubert

11 song outlines for learning the guitar together from the very beginning

Authors Franz Kasper Krönig and Thorsten Neubert met at the Offene Jazz Haus Schule in Cologne, where they specialised in projects for inclusive, musical and aesthetic education for children and young people. In their book “Songs for Guitar Groups”, they aim to bring their teaching methods to various class groups and to give students their first band experience together. This book is ideal for beginners, as even without any prior experience of a musical instrument, pupils can have a positive experience making music together.

The book contains 11 songs with different parts for different abilities, which then create different musical focal points in the songs. The authors have intentionally not fully composed the songs and have left them unfinished. The songs should serve as arrangement suggestions, the authors then aim to encourage the group to write their own lyrics, compositions and arrangements. Alongside the scores, each song comes with a lead sheet version with a corresponding accompanying part and a pattern for percussion instruments. This helps the arrangements sound even more like a band, and rounds off the educational concept.

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