CAGED - Gil Beckers

Master of the Fretboard

Do you find you can only play guitar solos statically in a specific area? Would you like to be able to improvise freely over the whole fretboard? Do you lack a model to show you how best to proceed?

The “CAGED” system, taught by Gil Beckers, provides the answers to these questions.

As the heading suggests, the author would like to help every guitarist to become a “Master of the Fretboard”. Step-by-step, he shows how to fully understand, recognise and master the fretboard and its harmonies. By the end, the player will have the freedom to express themselves on their guitar without any limits. The book looks at all the modes (Dorian, Phrygian etc.) as well as the major and minor pentatonic scales. In each chapter, there is a general overview of the scales, different licks and a jam track. The final chapter shows how to combine different modes and provides an opportunity to practice them. This book is ideal for young people and adults who would like to learn more about this subject on their own or with a teacher, and who may have already mastered playing techniques such as string bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs or slides, as the author does not explicitly look at these techniques.

In summary, this book is suited to any guitarist, regardless whether they are a blues, rock, pop, jazz, heavy metal or flamenco player, who would like to become a master of the fretboard.

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