The Songwriting Kit - Michael Schäfer

Understanding, interpreting and composing songs

Following on from his books “240 Songs for Piano”, “More Songs for Piano” and “Dance Course for Piano” the author now presents a new book on the subject of music theory. In “The Songwriting Kit”, he provides children, young people and adults with the theoretical understanding of how musicians interpret and accompany songs and how they develop their own compositions.

The book is split into three large sections. Firstly, students are made familiar with harmonic and melodic progressions. In the following chapters, the author addresses basic musical knowledge, from the simple cadence up to modulation.Michael Schäfer also discusses the characteristics of harmonic cadences (deceptive cadences, seventh chords and other chords) which can be used to create a Klangfarbenmelodie (sound-colour melody). Students will learn all about interpreting melodies and the forms of songs, as well as how to compose songs independently. All concepts are illustrated and practised with specific examples of songs. As such, the author alternates between theoretical and practical sections, so that students can practise what they have just learned in the exercises that follow.

This book is ideal for children over 10 years, as well as for adults and young people. In a simple manner, it explains the most important elements needed to compose and understand songs, so that a blues accompaniment does not sound like Mozart, and a choral melody does not sound like pop music.

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