The Junior Drummer’s Bible (germ.) - John Trotter

“The Junior Drummer’s Bible”, the third book by John Trotter, is the younger brother of his debut book “The Working Drummer” (AMA-No. 610454). This book contains notes and exercises based on his many years of experience working with pupils aged between five and ten years.Written with simplified drum notation, the exercises in this book only contain grooves and rudiments with minims, crotchets and quavers.

The “Junior Drummers Bible” follows a similar approach to the “Working Drummer” and teaches children the basics of drumstick grip, notation (time signatures, note and rest values, and dynamics) and the first rudiments. The author extensively covers popular music styles including Latin, Samba, Rumba, Rock, Funk, Blues and Swing, Soul, Disco and Punk and shows pupils which grooves can be played with the different instruments of the drum kit. The chapters are structured so that as you work through the book, the exercises are gradually expanded with additional instruments. A chapter on advanced concepts and fully notated solos in different music styles gives students an insight into how the drum kit can be used as a solo or accompanying instrument. Teachers can use this book in their lessons to show modern concepts in simplified notation.

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