E-Bass-Flageoletts - Norbert Dömling

The harmonic book for sub-woofers

Because the demands for bassists have changed a lot since the 1970s, in particular because the expression possibilities have dramatically increased, Norbert Dömling has written the book “E-Bass Flageolets”. Playing harmonics allows bassists to come out of the background by designing melodies, conjuring chords or put a dash of colour into a groove.

The author begins with a section on theory in which he explains the most important principles of flageolet playing. It’s all about harmonics and how these can be made audible, about harmonically pure intonation and tempered intervals. At the end of this section on theory, the author gives tips about how the player can aim for a good flageolet sound.

The practical part is split up into harmonic exercises one to four and five to seven. Here pupils will learn everything about simple melodies, elementary chords (with two, three or four flageolet notes), special riffs and complex voicings. The final chapter is dedicated completely to artificial flageolets. A fingering table and a fingerboard diagram, showing where the harmonics can be found over all 24 frets, is provided for all the exercises.

Alongside the countless exercises, the author allows the player free reign to develop their own ideas, meaning that this book is not just aimed at owners of fretted or fretless basses, but can also be used by double bassists.

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